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© 2019 Afro Caribbean Vegan Market

Come out, enjoy and purchase delicious Afro-Caribbean vegan foods, amazing health and beauty products, vegan friendly clothing, art and get some great information and tips on how to live a healthy vegan lifestyle.

* You do not have to be a vegan to attend. We invite all to come out and enjoy this wonderful event!



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Entrepreneur, owner of @lainesmarinadesandtreats. MJ and her products have been featured in several Vegan/Vegetarian shows and festivals. Although MJ has been cooking and creating Vegan/Vegetarian products for over 15 years, Laine's Marinades & Treats is celebrating their 5th anniversary this year of offering Vegan marinades like her "Jerk Sauce" in addition to a variety of baked goods, meals and treats. 


"The more of us that know about this, the better life will

be for all of us" _Dr.Sebi 


Entrepreneur, owner of @PollyPerryEvents. Polly and her team have planned all types of events in the GTA for the past 18 years. Polly has always been a foodie but started to research and explore a primarily Plant-Based Diet when she began experiencing health issues in 2017. She attributes her better feeling and living to her change of diet and continues to research and support better ways of eating and living.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”



The "MARKET" has always been a regular gathering place where people can barter, purchase and sell goods, provisions and other commodities.

The Afro-Caribbean Vegan Market is a NOT FOR PROFIT event with a mission to provide a space for

Vendors of Afro-Caribbean art, plant based vegan products and services to market, display and sell their products, network in addition to a forum to share information and educate people about the many benefits of adopting a healthy vegan lifestyle by way of guest speakers, workshops and more.

Organizers MJ & Polly believe in providing access to Plant-based nutrition, products and information for all. When you know better, you do better! Food is truly the source of good health and healing.

"A healthy outside starts from the inside." -Robert Urich